Katalin Karikó was awarded the Straub Plakett

2021. máj. 28. | News

One of stages of her visit in Szeged was the Biological Research Centre where Katalin Karikó received the Straub Plakett from Ferenc Nagy, the current director general of the BRC, in a small celebration with the former directors and institute directors. She is known for contributing to the development of mRNA-based vaccines and she is vice president of BioNTech, a company which, in collaboration with Pfizer Inc. manufactures the most widely used vaccine against Covid.

Award of Straub Plakett

Former colleagues and many group leaders welcomed and invited her for either friendly chats or informal conversations.

From left to right: Ernő Duda, Éva Kondorosi, Katalin Karikó, Pál Venetianer and László Zimányi

Katalin Karikó with Györgyi Ferenc and her workmates

Among the staff of the Institute of Biophysics

Friendly conversation with László Vígh group

Professional conversation with Bálint Kintses lab

Laboratory visit with Péter Horváth team

Krisztina Buzás, László Nagy and Sándor Benyhe welcomed Katalin Karikó

Professional consultation concerning National Laboratory of Biotechnology

It was our pleasure to welcome Katalin Karikó and we look forward to seeing her again soon.