Milestone in the melanoma research

Two articles published by a research team from European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center present novel proteomics and proteogenomics results in malignant melanomas. The study called ‘MM500’ mapped the protein levels of more than 500 tumor samples. The researchers developed the framework ‘Digital Melanoma Pathology’ by using deep-learning based single-cell segmentation and phenotyping, as well as proteogenomic characterization. They identified more than 15,500 proteoforms and defined their chromosomal and subcellular localizations in primary and metastatic melanomas. This novel melanoma tumor protein blueprint covers 72% of proteins currently identified in the human proteome.

The two papers were published as part of  the Human Melanoma Proteome article series of the journal Clinical and Translational Medicine. Among the authors is Péter Horváth, the director of the Institute of Biochemistry of the BRC. The deep-learning based single-cell segmentation and phenotyping developed by his research group open new perspectives in melanoma research.

Source: National Cancer Institute

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