Éva Kondorosi received the Prima Primissima Award in the category of Hungarian science

The Prima Primissima Award was founded by Sándor Demján in 2003 with the support of the National Association of Entrepreneurs with the aim of recognizing those who can serve as role models for society with their outstanding achievements in the fields of Hungarian science, art, culture and sports. From 2013, OTP Bank took over the management and financing of the award.

Each year, 3 candidates are nominated in 10 categories, including Hungarian science (30 Prima in total), from whom the winner of the Prima Primissima Award is chosen by secret ballot in every category, as well as the Prima Primissima Audience Award voted by the public is presented.

In 2021, Éva Kondorosi was voted as the winner of the Prima Primissima Award in the Hungarian science category. Éva Kondorosi was previously a group leader at the Institute of Biochemistry of the BRC, and is currently an emeritus professor at the Institute of Plant Biology of the BRC and a member of the Symbiosis and Plant Genomics Group. Together with the research group, she investigates the molecular background of symbiotic relationships in papilionaceae. Éva Kondorosi's work has been recognized with a number of honors, including the Széchenyi and Balzan Prizes, and in 2020 she was elected a member of the European Commission's group of chief scientific advisors

The awardsis available at the link below: https://mediaklikk.hu/video/2021/12/03/prima-primissima-dijatado-gala-2021-december-03#


Congratulation to Éva Kondorosi for the Prima Primissima Award!