Zsuzsanna DARULA


Phone: 36-62-599-773

The Proteomics Research Group provides mass spectrometric measurements for the identification and characterization of proteins. We accept samples from all BRC and HCEMM research groups, and from external academic and industrial partners (capacity permitting).



We accept samples for qualitative and relative quantitative protein analyses including


Sample preparation

  • Affinity isolation of protein complexes by co-immunoprecipitation of (tagged) bait proteins

  • Protein digestion using different proteases (trypsin, chymotrypsin, GluC, LysC)

  • High-pH reversed phase peptide separation for offline fractionation of complex samples

  • Isobaric labeling of peptides for relative quantification (TMT reagent)

  • Peptide purification using C18 tips or cartridges

  • Isolation of phosphopeptides using IMAC (immobilized metal affinity chromatography)


Mass Spectrometry and data analysis

  • LC-MS/MS analysis of peptides using HCD, CID and/or ETD fragmentation

  • Protein identification with database search (Protein Prospector, Byonic, Mascot)

  • Relative quantification of proteins using label-free or isobaric labeling methods (Proteome Discoverer, Skyline)



Mass Spectrometry

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid (Thermo)

Orbitrap Elite (Thermo)

LCQ Fleet (Thermo)


Liquid Chromatography

ACQUITY UPLC M-Class system (Waters) – directly interfaced to the OT Lumos for online LC-MS/MS

nanoAcquity UPLC system (Waters) – directly interfaced to the OT Elite for online LC-MS/MS

Jasco and Eldex HPLC systems for offline sample fractionation



Please contact the research group prior to starting sample preparation in order to determine the best approach to analyze your samples. For some general guidelines and practical hints for sample preparation please click here.