Institute of Biophysics

Bionanoscience Research Unit
  • Biophotonics and Biomicrofluidics Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Biomolecular Electronics Research Group: PDF (ENG)
Molecular, Subcellular and Microbial Biophysics Research Unit
  • Protein Biophysics Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Membrane Biophysics Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Femtobiology Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Microbial Biotechnology Research Group: PDF (ENG)
Molecular Neurobiology Research Unit
  • Neuronal Plasticity Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Biological Barriers Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Neurovascular Unit Research Group: PDF (ENG)


Institute of Biochemistry

Eukaryotic Molecular Biology Unit
  • Lendület Laboratory of Cell Cycle and Transcription Regulation: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Tumour Immunology and Pharmacology: PDF (ENG)
Neurobiology Unit
  • Laboratory of Animal Genetics and Molecular Neurobiology: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Chemical Biology: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Opioid Research: PDF (ENG)
Membrane and Stress Biology Unit
  • Laboratory of Conformational Diseases: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of  Molecular Stress Biology: PDF (ENG)
Syntethic and Systems Biology Unit
  • Laboratory of Bacterial Physiology and Strain Engineering: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of DNA-Protein Interactions: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Fungal Genomics and Evolution: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Microbial Experimental Evolution: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Microscopic Image Analysis and Machine Learning: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Computational Systems Biology: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Translational Microbiology: PDF (ENG)


Institute of Genetics

Genome Instability and Carcinogenesis Unit
  • Momentum DNA Damage and Nuclear Dynamics Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • DNA Repair Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis Research: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Cancer Genome Research: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Replication and Genome Stability: PDF (ENG)
Developmental Genetics Unit
  • Laboratory of Drosophila Germ Cell Differentiation: PDF (ENG)
  • Lysosomal Degradation Research Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Drosophila Nuclear Actin Research: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation: PDF (ENG)
Immunology Unit
Mammalian Cell Research Unit
  • Laboratory of Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: PDF (ENG)
  • Lymphocyte Signaling Group: PDF (ENG)


Institute of Plant Biology

Plant Light Perception and Utilization Research Unit
  • Photosynthetic Membranes Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Molecular Photobioenergetics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Plant Stress, Lipid and Phenomics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Plant Photo- and Chronobiology Group: PDF (ENG)
Molecular Regulation of Plant Development and Adaptation Research Unit
  • Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Regulation of Plant Morphogenesis Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Plant Architecture and Development Group: PDF (ENG)
Microbial- and Plant Genomics Research Unit
  • Algal- and Microbial Genomics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Symbiosis and Plant Genomics Group: PDF (ENG)

Laboratories of Core Facilities

  • Laboratory of Functional Genomics: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Proteomics Research: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Bioinformatics: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Cellular Imaging: PDF (ENG)
  • Sequencing Platform: PDF (ENG)