Economic, Technical and Operational Organization (ETOO)


ETOO General Introduction

The HUN-REN Biological Research Centre, Szeged (HUN-REN BRC Szeged) is an internationally recognised institution. The Economic, Technical and Operational Organization (ETOO) is an important organisational unit of the HUN-REN BRC. Our task is to support and facilitate the complex research and development activities and the successful operation of the HUN-REN BRC through our services.

Our departments provide the background infrastructure and services required for the institution's core operations and research activities. Our assistance in the economic field guarantees the financial stability, administrative functioning and sustainability of the HUN-REN BRC. Furthermore, we provide support in procurement processes, supply chain management, payroll and labour administration, maintenance of technical infrastructure (buildings, facilities, instruments) and operational tasks. This ensures the continuity of research activities, as our services help researchers and research teams to focus on research and development without excessive administrative burden. Our colleagues provide help in adapting to the ever-changing market and legal environments by developing a supportive process.

One of our main activities is the management of the correct accounting of the revenues and subsidies received by the HUN-REN BRC. We are responsible for budget planning, keeping accounting records, meeting tax obligations and preparing financial reports, annual accounts, statistics and data compilations. Our experts make sure that financial documents, invoices and statements are managed accurately and in accordance with the rules and legislation in force. This process includes monitoring settlement, tax and reporting deadlines, checking the necessary data and complying with financial regulations. We ensure that resources are used efficiently and that projects are funded transparently. This is of particular importance because the success of the HUN-REN BRC depends to a great extent on effective financial management.

The coordinated work of the ETOO departments contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the institution. The expertise, organisation and commitment of our departments are key factors to the successful, safe and compliant operation of the institution.

We play a vital role as a background support organisation that enables the HUN-REN BRC to continue to play a leading role in the field of biological research. Our work is essential to the functioning, sustainability, effectiveness, innovative power and long-term success of the institution, and it contributes to its financial stability, day-to-day operations, reducing the administrative burden on researchers and maintaining a professional focus.

Any colleague, researcher or partner can contact the ETOO's departments with economic, technical, operational, organisational, legal, procurement or other issues.



Financial Manager

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Zsuzsanna Czakó