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How to get to the HUN-REN BRC?



If you travel by plane to Hungary, you land at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest. The Airport is located within the boundary of Budapest, 16 km Eastward from the city, alongside Main Road 4. There are several ways to get directly to Szeged from Liszt Ferenc Airport.  

1/a Train:

Fast trains leave almost every hour (travel time is about 2,5 hours). The train ticket (one-way, second class) costs 3.130 HUF. InterCity train ticket costs 565 HUF extra, but you can travel under better conditions. The closest train station to Budapest Airport Terminal 2 is Ferihegy, with trains operating to and from the Nyugati railway station in Budapest. From Ferihegy train station, Terminal 2 is accessible by bus number 200E during the daytime and by night bus number 900 at night time (a single bus ticket costs 450 HUF and can be purchased at the bus-driver). Train tickets are not available for purchase at Terminal 2. However, Hungarian state railway company MÁV operates a domestic ticket office at the Ferihegy train station every day from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. In addition, train tickets can also be purchased from the ticket machines located on the platforms. Supplementary tickets for premium category trains are available from the conductor on board, without a surcharge. Please check the timetable of trains (Budapest, Ferihegy-Szeged) at: (English version) (German version)  

1/b Minibus

Similarly to other airports, Budapest Airport also operates a shuttle service called “Airport Minibus”. Passengers are taken to the previously requested address in Budapest by microbuses with 8/11 seats. The bus drivers and the staff of the dispatcher desks speak foreign languages and are familiar with Budapest and its traffic including the simplest and fastest routes. This service is only within the boundaries of Budapest! Further details:  

1/c Taxi

Driving from the airport to Szeged costs about 25,000 HUF (various taxi companies can charge different prices for the same route).  

1/d Car:

You can rent a car at Ferihegy Airport and drive directly to Szeged (167 km). Departure: Budapest Ferihegy Airport Terminal 2.
  • continue along "Ferihegyi Repülőtérre Vezető Út", pass Vecsés
  • continue along road 4.
  • head towards M0, Győr, M1, Szeged, M5
  • after 4-5 km on road 4 take the M0 road (11 km)
  • head towards Serbia (SCG), Szeged, Szolnok 405, Kecskemét
  • continue along E75/M5 (140 km)

Important: before entering the E75/M5 motorway you have to buy an e-vignette at the first petrol-station, or you can order one via Internet or by mobil-phone. E-vignette types: validity for 10 days, 1 month, 1 year. The price of the 10-day e-vignette (present price) is 2.975 HUF. Keep the receipt, as in case of a control you have to show the proof of payment.

Destination: Szeged, Temesvári krt. 62.

  • take the exit towards: Exit 159, M43, Arad (Romania), 47, Hódmezővásárhely, Szeged Észak
  • at the roundabout take the first exit (Exit 159)
  • continue along E75/5
  • arrive at Szeged (8,5 km)
  • continue along E75/5
  • continue along E68/43/Párizsi-Brüsszeli-Római körút
  • pass the Bertalan Bridge
  • follow the direction: Makó, Romania
For further help, please visit the following website: ViaMichelin

1/e. Airport shuttle:

Travellers can choose airport shuttle as well, if arranged before the trip. Details of the services can be found on the following websites: or . In order to use this door-to-door service, a written order is always needed to be made 48-72 hours prior to the trip latest (as the shuttle company requires). The order will be confirmed also in a written form. Usual prices are between 4.500 – 8.500 HUF, however please check the above mentioned websites for further details.



 If you travel by train or by bus to Hungary, you arrive either at Budapest, Keleti Railway Station (in case of trains) or at “Népliget” International Bus Station. If you want to continue your travel to Szeged by train, you have to go to "Nyugati" Railway Station ("Nyugati pályaudvar" in Hungarian). By checking the following homepages (English version) (German version) you can get information about how to reach the railway station.
Buses to Szeged start from “Népliget” International Bus Station. Single ticket costs 3.395 HUF and can be purchased at the bus-driver. See: for the timetable.


3. After arriving at Szeged

3/a Tram (from Railway station to HUN-REN BRC):

A tram (number 1, 2) stops right in front of the Railway Station in Szeged and takes you to Széchenyi Square (“Széchenyi tér” in Hungarian), the town center (5 stops). Here you can change to buses (60, 60Y, 72) driving to the direction “Újszeged”. You have to get off at Stadion (“Sportcsarnok” in Hungarian), which is very close to BRC. You can chose trolley buses (5,7) as well at Széchenyi Square to reach BRC at „Újszeged”. In that case you have to get off at the final stop („Gyermekkórház” in Hungarian). Ticket costs 400 HUF and can be purchased at the driver. See the map of tram network on::  

3/a Bus (from Coach-terminal to HUN-REN BRC):

The coach-terminal as well as the bus-stop for local buses are located in Mars Square (“Mars tér” in Hungarian). You can get on buses (60, 60Y) or trolley bus(5) driving to the direction “Újszeged”. You have to get off at Stadion (“Sportcsarnok” in Hungarian), which is very close to HUN-REN BRC. Ticket costs 400 HUF and can be purchased at the driver.