Ph.D. Topics of the Institute of Plant Biology


Plant Light Perception and Utilization Research Unit
  • Photosynthetic Membranes Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Molecular Photobioenergetics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Plant Stress, Lipid and Phenomics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Plant Photo- and Chronobiology Group: PDF (ENG)


Molecular Regulation of Plant Development and Adaptation Research Unit
  • Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Regulation of Plant Morphogenesis Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Plant Architecture and Development Group: PDF (ENG)


Microbial- and Plant Genomics Research Unit
  • Algal- and Microbial Genomics Group: PDF (ENG)
  • Symbiosis and Plant Genomics Group: PDF (ENG)