Ph.D. Topics of the Institute of Biochemistry


Eukaryotic Molecular Biology Unit
  • Lendület Laboratory of Cell Cycle and Transcription Regulation: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Tumour Immunology and Pharmacology: PDF (ENG)


Neurobiology Unit
  • Laboratory of Animal Genetics and Molecular Neurobiology: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Chemical Biology: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Opioid Research: PDF (ENG)


Membrane and Stress Biology Unit
  • Laboratory of Conformational Diseases: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of  Molecular Stress Biology: PDF (ENG)


Syntethic and Systems Biology Unit
  • Laboratory of Bacterial Physiology and Strain Engineering: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of DNA-Protein Interactions: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Fungal Genomics and Evolution: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Microbial Experimental Evolution: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Microscopic Image Analysis and Machine Learning: PDF (ENG)
  • Lendület Laboratory of Computational Systems Biology: PDF (ENG)
  • Laboratory of Translational Microbiology: PDF (ENG)