The work of Éva Kondorosi to be preserved on the Moon

Puli Space Technologies was founded in 2010 to participate in the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP) competition. The headquarters of the company is Budapest and it’s goal is “bringing Hungary to the moon”.

The Spacetime plaque time capsule created by them will be delivered to the moon on board the Peregrine lunar lander in 2022 Summer. The plaque commemorates Zoltán Bay and preserves the work of 5 contemporary Hungarian scientists. Zoltán Bay, as an employee of Tungsram, with his team was the first in Europe to detect the echo of a radar wave directed at the moon in 1946. The 5 researchers, whose names are to be placed on the plaque were selected by Telenor with the help of the Association of Hungarian Woman in Science: Veronika Ádám biochemist, Albert-László Barabási physicist, Tamás Freund neurobiologist, Katalin Karikó biochemist and Éva Kondorosi biologist.

The plaque was produced using a special heat protection process and is able to withstand the extreme circumstances of space and survive for up to 5000 years. It has a 200x200mm size and weighs 160g. It will be located on the plinth structure of the lunar lander.

(Sources: MedicalOnline and Puli Space Technologies)