Laboratory of Functional Genomics


PUSKÁS László Ph.D., D.Sc.

Genomics Unit

Until the second half of the twentieth century, the study of the function and regulation of genes was based on a step-by-step analysis of individual genes. As genomes of more and more organisms become fully or partially known, a number of new technologies have been developed that allow systematic and/or individual analysis of gene function. The Laboratory of Functional Genomics operating at the Szeged Biological Center since 2000, offers the possibility of individual or systematic analysis of gene expression, quantitative analysis of nucleic acids (RNA, DNA, miRNA, blood-derived circulating cell-free cfRNA) and DNA methylation on several platforms. The laboratory conducts research activities and operates partly on a service and partly on a collaborative basis. Our main developments: amplification of nucleic acids from small tissue samples or few cells, single cell RNA sequencing methods, digital nucleic acid detections, bioinformatic analysis of gene expression studies.


Publication of the last 5 years in genomics

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Cytometry unit

The cooperation of highly specialized cell types maintains the homeostasis of multicellular organisms. The disturbance of that harmony contributes to the development of several diseases. Most of the cellular functions are executed by proteins so it is essential to investigate biological processes at the protein level. One of the routinely used methods to study cellular proteins is flow cytometry which detects cell surface or intracellular proteins by fluorescently labeled antibodies at single cell resolution. Currently, we use BC Cytoflex S (4 lasers), one BD FACSCalibur (2 lasers) analyzators and one BD Jazz (2 lasers) sorter. Overlap among the fluorescence spectra of different dyes limits the possibility of high multiplexicity in one single tube. To overcome the limitations of flow cytometry, antibodies are labeled by stable heavy metal isotopes (min 96% monoisotopic) in mass cytometry. Mass cytometer detects the distinct atomic mass of heavy metal isotopes which offers the possibility to acquire up to 42 markers in one sample. Mass cytometry is unique technology in our laboratory within Hungary. The characterization of cellular heterogeneity is achieved at the protein level with single cell resolution from homogenous cell suspensions of different biological samples (blood, solid tumors, different tissues) followed by antibody staining for mass cytometry. High content data analysis (Cytobank, Astrolabe, Maxpar Pathsetter) is also integrated in our portfolio.

We focus on the disturbances of the activation and regulation of immune system; therefore we study human patient-derived blood or tissue samples at single cell resolution. The high content immunophenotyping is performed on PBMCs or different tissues such as primary adenocarcinoma.

The comparative bioinformatic analysis of biological specimens (patients vs healthy controls) reveals differences in the expression pattern of proteins of interest at single cell resolution. To complement the investigation of PBMCs we quantify the cytokine/chemokine content of the corresponding liquid biopsies by Luminex (MagPix) or Legendplex (Biolegend) technologies. We describe expression patterns of proteins associated with a given pathology such as rheumatoid arthritis, adenocarcinoma, COPD to find diagnostic, prognostic markers or novel therapeutic targets. We develop in vitro/ex vivo functional immune assays (i) to screen drug candidate molecules, (ii) to better understand the pathomechanism and reveal signal transduction pathways behind the given pathologies.

The laboratory is run on service and collaborative basis. We have built wide national and international connections to research groups and biotech companies.


Main research areas

  • Multiparametric immunophenotyping of systemic autoimmune disorders (RA, SLE, SSC)

  • Single cell mass cytometric characterization of the inflammatory complications in type II diabetes mellitus

  • Investigation of plasma proteins and single cell PBMCs in stable vs exacerbating COPD

  • High multiplex investigation of the intratumor heterogeneity in human primary adenocarcinoma

  • Studying the innate immunity in Drosophila melanogaster mutant hemocytes by single cell mass cytometry

  • Analysis of the effect of drug candidate molecules using single cell mass cytometry


Publications from the last 5 years in cytomtery

  1. Nikolett Gémes, József Á Balog, Patrícia Neuperger, Erzsébet Schlegl, Imre Barta, János Fillinger, Balazs Antus, Ágnes Zvara, Zoltán Hegedűs, Zsolt Czimmerer, Máté Manczinger, Gergő Balogh, József Tóvári, László G Puskás and Gabor Janos Szebeni, Single cell immunophenotyping revealed the association of CD4+ central-and CD4+ effector memory T-cells linking exacerbating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and NSCLC Frontiers in Immunology 2023, accepted for publication, IF (2022): 7.30 (Scimago Immunology Q1)

  2. Patrícia Neuperger, Klára Szalontai, Nikolett Gémes, József Á Balog, László Tiszlavicz, József Furák, György Lázár, Laszlo G Puskas and Gábor J. Szebeni, Single-Cell Mass Cytometric Analysis of Peripheral Immunity and Multiplex Plasma Marker Profiling of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Receiving PD-1 Targeting Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Comparison with Platinum-Based Chemotherapy, Frontiers in Immunology 2023 Oct 13:14:1243233. eCollection 2023 IF (2022): 7.30 (Scimago Immunology Q1)

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