Services - Sequencing Laboratory

István NAGY
research associate



  • 2 units of 3500 Series Genetic Analyzers (Life Technologies) CE instrument with 8 capillary
  • 1 unit of SOLiD 4 (Life Technologies) NGS Instrument
  • 1 unit of SOLiD 5500xl (Life Technologies) NGS Instrument
  • 1 unit of EZ Bead System that is an automated NGS sample preparation system
  • bioinformatics unit equipped with unique sequence analyzing softwares

Capillary Electrophoresis

DNA sequencing and fragment analysis
As of 1th of April 2012. we are running the latest versions of Life Technologies Genetic Analyzer Capillary Electrophoresis Systems (3500 Series Genetic Analyzer).

You provide:

  • DNA sample with a purity of 1.8-2.0 (OD260/280)
  • PCR amplikon: ≥20 μL, 50 ng/μL
  • plasmid: ≥20 μL, 100 ng/ μL

We perform:

  • cycle sequencing with ABI BigDye Terminátor v3.1 using custom or universal primers
  • removal of unincorporated nucleotides
  • capillary electrophoresis using 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer.

We guarantee >500 base high-quality read lenght (standard pasmid) within 3 working days

Next Generation Sequencing; NGS

Application fields
Thanks to their ultra-high throughput next generation sequencing instruments are available for wide-range analysis:

  • de novo sequencing (sequencing of species of unknown genome, and subsequent determination of their nucleotid sequence (genome),
  • resequencing (sequencing of species of known reference genome, e.g. phylogenetic systematization of bacteria, identification of sequence variations and SNPs),
  • comparative -, meta-, population genomics
  • gene-expression (RNA-Seq; Digital Gene Expression Profiling, DGE),
  • haplotype definition,
  • microRNA-expression, -identification,
  • sequencing following chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP-Seq; identification of transcription factor binding sites; finding active or passive chromatin),
  • DNA methylation analysis (Meth-Seq).

You provide:

  • purified DNA (>10 μg for resequencing, >50 μg for de novo sequencing; cc > 400 ng/ml)
  • purified total RNA (>5 μg; cc > 400 ng/ml; RIN > 8.0)

We perform:

  • quality control of the samples (Qubit and/or Bioanalyzer measurements)
  • template library preparation for subsequent sequencing
  • emulsion PCR
  • NGS sequencing
  • bioinformatic alignment of the generated sequences (optional)

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