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Dear Visitor, Dear Our Prospective Ph.D. Student!

Due to the generous support from the ESF and EU through the program No. TÁMOP-4.1.1.C-13/1/KONV-2014-0001, entitled "Practice-oriented, student-friendly modernization of the biomedical education for strengthening the international competitiveness of the rural Hungarian universities" the Ph.D. training portfolio of the Biological Research Centre (BRC) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has been renewed and is being continuously updated. Below, the details of more than 60 scientific projects are shown, to which there are possibilities to join as a Ph.D. student in the four institutes of the BRC. If you are interested in a program, please click on its title to get more information about the details of the research, as well as the name and contact information of the supervisor. Then, it is recommended to contact him/her to get more details about the program and the conditions of the participation. The majority of the instructors of the displayed research projects have already been registered as supervisors or announcers of research topics at different doctoral schools of our partner institute, the University of Szeged (US). These include, but not limited to the Doctoral School of Biology (DSB), Doctoral School of Multidisciplinar Medical Sciences (DSMMS), Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DSPS), Doctoral School of Physics (DSP), Theoretical Medicine Doctoral School (TMDS), Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences (DSES), and Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine (DSCM). The registered mentors are marked by placing the acronym of the appropriate doctoral school after the name of the supervisor. Those, who have not been registered yet, are marked with an asterisk (*).
Please, come back time to time to visit our webpage, since it is being periodically updated. We are honored for your interest in our programs, hoping that we can soon welcome you among the Ph.D. students of the BRC.

László Siklós
Manager of the TÁMOP program