Education - International Training Course - Preliminary Call for Applications 2017-2018


The Biological Research Centre (BRC) at Szeged, Hungary will be soon announcing its fellowships within the frame of the International Training Course (ITC), as in the previous years, to participate in selected research programs. The call for application for the next academic year and the actual research programs will be published on March 16, 2017. Below, we provide some preliminary information about the ITC fellowship to help the orientation of the future applicants.


Ms. Tímea Varga
ITC Secretariat
Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-6726 Szeged, Temesvári krt. 62.
Phone: +36-62-599-772
Fax: +36-62-432-576



  • (i) Applicants should be under 30 years, in good health. Preference would be given for those who have just finished their university studies.
  • (ii) Applicants should hold a university degree (M.Sc. or equivalent) in natural, medical, agricultural or veterinary sciences. Some BRC laboratories have special requirements (eg. previous research experiences); please notice these in the description of the topics, to be announced later.
  • (iii) The language of the course is English. Therefore, proficiency in both verbal and written English is essential and should be appropriately documented in the application. ITC management reserves the right to exclude ITC fellows whose scientific background or knowledge of English turns to be inappropriate after their arrival (despite of certificates). These fellows will be asked to leave the course and return to their home country. BRC does not organize English courses for the applicants.
  • (iv) ITC fellows are expected to arrive alone since their fellowship will not cover the expenses of spouses. BRC cannot provide accommodation for families.
  • (v) ITC fellows must obtain study visa at the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in their home countries (except those candidates who belong to the European Union) before coming to Hungary. A Letter of Invitation will be provided to the successful applicants for this purpose.
  • (vi) ITC fellows are expected to have a medical and accident insurance – arranged before their departure – which must be valid for a period of 2 weeks from the date of their arrival at Szeged. After this period their insurance will be arranged by BRC. Those candidates who belong to the European Union have to arrange their health insurance to be valid in Hungary as well in their home country.
  • (vii) The ITC fellow should obtain a certificate from his/her local tax authorities declaring that he/she is currently resident for tax purposes in his/her home country. This certificate should contain the student’s personal data (name, permanent address, ID number, the name of the issuing authorities) and should state that he/she pays the taxes after any income in the home country. If the ITC fellow cannot provide this certificate, personal income tax and other fee, including social security tax, will be deducted from his/her stipend in Hungary.


BRC prefers – up to the capacity – to provide accommodation in the ITC guesthouse, an apartment building with furnished apartments of 2-3 bedrooms, bathroom and a kitchen. ITC fellows are expected to share the apartments but will be provided with a private room. This accommodation is free but the fellows are responsible for intentional damage or misuse: the ITC fellows should pay the expenses of the repairs.

ITC fellows will receive monthly stipend from the BRC at the beginning of each month. This amount is about 70-75% of the income of a Ph.D. student in Hungary, however, considering the provided free accommodation, will cover modest living expenses for one person in Szeged. BRC cannot offer accommodation to married couples in the ITC house.

Applicants providing their own sponsorship and/or bench fee will have preferences to be admitted to the course.

The BRC does not provide travel support. ITC fellows will have to cover the travel expenses between Szeged and their hometown including all associated costs such as the fee of the visa, if needed. ITC fellows are expected to return to their home countries after completing the ITC training.


March 16, 2017 research programs for the academic year of 2017/18 will be announced
April 30, 2017 application deadline
June 15, 2017 information to successful applicants
Last few days of August – first few days of September 2017 ITC fellows arrive
September 2017 – till the end of the course ITC fellows work in host laboratories
First weeks of September, 2017 individual research plans are prepared
September 2017 – May 2018 Regular lectures and practical demonstrations organized by the BRC for the students
January, 2018 Exam from the topics of the lectures of the first semester
June, 2018 exam from the topics of the lectures of the second semester
Last week of July, 2018 ITC fellows submit research reports and present their results at a workshop
End of July, 2018 Diploma ceremony, ITC fellows leave for home