About BRC - Grants Office

Office Head
Tel: 36-62-599-727


Tiborné KARSAI
Financial Administrator
Tel: 36-62-599-761
Tel: 36-62-599-727



Grants administration:

The primary task of the Grants Office is to help scientists working in the BRC in submitting grant applications by searching for and posting national and international calls for grant proposals, supplying background information necessary for the applications and providing administrative assistance. The employees of the Grants Office provide liaison with the granting agencies, participate in drawing up the budgetary plan, help review the formal requirements of the final proposal, prepare the necessary annexes and see to the timely collection of signatures.

Patent administration:

The Grants Office prepares and follows up the patent applications filed by scientists working in the BRC, carries out the required administrative tasks, keeps records of payments and keeps in touch with patent agencies. The activity of the Grants Office is carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Policy on Intellectual Property Protection and Management of the BRC.

Legal counsel:

The Grants Office participates in the preparation and review of the contracts related to the intellectual products, grant proposals and research assignments of the scientists working in the BRC and in the formulation of the policies and decrees issued by the General Director.