scientific adviser, Professor emerita, Group leade

Ágnes CZIBULA research associate
Enikő SZABÓ research associate
Andrásné GERCSÓ scientific administrator


Many factors participate in the regulation of peripheral immune tolerance and the maintenance of the immune homeostasis by controlling the inflammatory and autoimmune processes in mammals. On the other hand, cancer cells defend themselves against destructive tumor-specific immune response by producing immunosuppressive factors. A powerful mechanism in immune processes is the modulation of the pattern of cell surface glycosylation and the expression of soluble or cell-bound lectins interacting with their ligands. Among these lectins, galectin-1 is one of the master immunoregulators.

One form of the tissue stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) possess powerful immunosuppressive activity. Hence these cells may be used as cellular therapeutical goods in immunological pathologies. Our studies on this field aim to have better insight into the immunoregulatory activity of MSCs.


We work on modelling the import of protein active ingredients into the cells. We use proteins and cell penetrating peptides as vehicles and marker proteins as cargos. Vehicles and cargos are coupled with chemical synthesis or recombinant genetical means. Then the import and localization of the hybrid molecules are determined.

Application of the results of the research

MSC-s differentiate into cartilage. We use this property of MSCs for allogeneic MSC transplantation to treat dog osteoarthritis in a wide range open clinical study.

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