Cellular Imaging Laboratory



Tel: 36-62-599-665



Ferhan AYAYDIN, Ph.D. (Senior research associate)

Ildikó VALKONYNÉ KELEMEN, M.Sc.(Laboratory assistant/administrator expert)




The Cellular Imaging Laboratory provides confocal laser scanning microscopes, fluorescence and stereo microscopes for the BRC researchers and for the external users. Our expertise, image processing software collection and the available courses are supporting the efficient research.

Available microscopes

Leica TCS SP5 Confocal

Olympus FV1000

VisiScope spinning disk

Olympus Cell-R fluorescence microscope

Olympus SZX12 Stereozoom microscope

Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 fluorescence microscope with PALM microdissection

Nikon C1 confocal with RCM and differential-polarization extension


Cellular Imaging Laboratory, Leica SP8 AOBS confocal microscope


Microscope Reservation

For visitors: https://cilab.brc.hu