About BRC - Directors - Pál Ormos

Pál Ormos

Szeged, 14 October 1951

Director General of the BRC of the HAS („MTA”): 2010 - 2017
Director of the Institute of Biophysics of the BRC of the HAS („MTA”): 1994 – 2015

Studies, career:
Pál Ormos graduated in physics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of József Attila University in 1975. Ever since then, he has been working for the Institute of Biophysics of Szeged Biological Research Centre of the HAS („MTA”). Between 1980 and 1991, he spent a total of 6 years in separate periods at the Physics Institute of Illinois University, Urbana, US as a Visiting Professor. Since 1994, he has worked as the Director of the Institute of Biophysics of the BRC of the HAS („MTA”).
He obtained his PhD in Physics in 1982 with his dissertation entitled „Proton Movement in Bacteriorhodopsin in the Course of Proton Transport”. The Doctor of Sciences degree was awarded to Pál Ormos in 1992, for his dissertation published under the title „The Inhomogeneous Nature of the Spectrum and Structure of Myoglobin and Bacteriorhodopsin”.

Scientific activities:
Since he graduated from university, he has worked in the field of biological physics. One focus area of his work and research is the connection between the structure and operation of proteins. His research activities focus on the movement of proteins during their operation, using spectroscopy and photoelectronic methods. Bacteriorhodopsin, a light propelled trans-membrane proton pump, is an excellent subject of basic research, as well as of biotechnology development projects. Dr. Ormos succeeded in identifying and describing many important steps and general laws of this biological energy transformation process.
His attention later extended to nanotechnology and, within that, single particle manipulation. As regards research methodology development, he expanded the opportunities of the application of optical manipulation. The basis of these activities was a laser-supported photo-polymerisation microstructure construction process, with which objects and micro-machines of any shape can be created and be used for the complex manipulation and novel examination of biological objects (cells, molecules), generating, as a final result, new information. He also deals with optoelectronic development that utilises the optical characteristics of biological substances.
Until 2009, over 2,800 references had been made to his publications.

Offices, memberships:
Chairman of the Hungarian Biophysics Society: 1998-2007, HAS („MTA”) Biophysics Committee: Co-Chairman: 1994-2006, HAS („MTA”) Doctoral Committee: member: 1998-2004, IUPAP (International Union for Pure and Applied Physics) Vice President: 2002-2006, IUPAP Commission on Biological Physics (C6) member: 1996-2006 President: 2002-2006

Forms of recognition, prizes:
In 1998, Dr. Ormos was elected a corresponding member of the HAS („MTA”) and has been a full member since 2004.
2002: part-time professor at Eötvös Loránd University; 2006: Honorary Professor of Szeged University; 2002: Széchenyi Prize

Council of Academy Research Sites (“AKT”), Life Science Board of Trustees (member, chairman): 2001-2004
TEMPUS Board of Trustees (member, Vice Chairman): 2000
Hungarian Academy of Sciences („MTA”), Biophysics Committee: Co-Chairman between 1994-2006
Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC): member since 2008
Biology Committee the HAC: Chairman since 2008